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#2: Visualize your code in KDevelop

Hey folks, a quick update because something pushes me to my bed :)

After a nice weekend we have a useful integration between KDevelop code editor and control flow graph plugin. You can easily get your graph updated when switching between functions in a class or between different opened classes. With such a mechanism, the developer is able to get an always-updated view of source code and experience the benefit of a unified use of code editor + code visualization.

What about, in a close future, something like a "coupling-meter" or "cohesion-meter" (há :)), which indicates if the developer is going into a modular and maintainable implementation "direction" ?

By now, the just implemented features are: fully code editor / control flow graph integration, support for recursive functions, multi-level support.


Here the plugin itself being visualized in KDevelop (max depth = 8):


As asked by David Nolden, now we are able to understand the design of new KDevelop 4 UI (Sublime) :) (max depth = 8):


Sublime visualization in a "circo" layout:


In the following days I will enhance the navigation and filtering facilities, so that the developers could be able to refine their search to acquire just the desired information.

Keep connected, I promise a pretty video in the next GSoC update !

See you,

![goingtoakademy](/content/images/2015/07/goingtoakademy.png "goingtoakademy")