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Share your love for Free Software

Love! Ah, that "serious mental disease" which make us reveal the best (and, sometimes, the worst) of our unconscious fantasies, longings, fears, defenses and internal images. And we love many things, sometimes in unthinkable and wacky ways. Some people love the melancholic sound of the cello, ice-cream, dancing, and reading, … Continue Reading

KDE at FISL 16

Many of you already know that FISL (The International Free Software Forum) is one of the biggest FLOSS conferences in the world. From 8 to 11 July 2015, 5281 free software passionate people met in Porto Alegre (South Brazil) for the 16th FISL edition, enjoying activities such as talks, panels, … Continue Reading

LaKademy 2015

Building local FLOSS communities isn't that easy! It requires first communicating in a very clear and sincere way our motivations, the nature of possible contributions, their global impacts, and the technical and social benefits we potentially get back. Then, we need systematic and effective means to generate culture, support newcomers, … Continue Reading