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KDE-related course in Federal University of Bahia (BR)

Hi all,

As previously mentioned, we managed to include a "Free Software Development" course in the Computer Science curriculum of Federal University of Bahia which aims to strengthen the Brazilian developer base by providing a favorable scenario for students-community bonding, a roadmap for free software contribution, and a 100% hands-on experience in particular KDE-related projects. This is going to be a 4,5 months course with a 3 hour class per week. The course has begun last Monday and I'm really glad to have twelve insane students :) interested in our stuff and beginning to put their gearhead hats.

Our methodology include some initial training period where students will become familiar to Qt and KDE technologies, understanding about how KDE community is organized (rebranding, main groups, communication tools, release cycles, etc), and finally the students (in pairs) begin to improve/bug fix some KDE project, selected according to their affinity and the current project demands. By the end of semester, we expect to have provided a small but realistic experience about contribution in free software projects. The student then would understand how and why free software projects really rock, they would boost their personal skills and maybe KDE would gain some more addicted members :)

Ok, that's the group (some students were already penalized for missing the first class :)


I'm quite hopeful of having some interesting outcomes of this effort so just wait some new fresh blood around :)