3rd Forum KDE Brazil: NE and LA Editions

Planet KDE Nov 10, 2010

Hi there,

ENSL 2010 is over and if I had to pick up a word to define the general audience that would be: commitment. Almost 600 participants filled out the meeting and Forum KDE Brazil talks and all 50 places to Qt and Plasmoid Development short-courses were completely taken, some people were sitting on the floor making around 60-70 persons. It was great to see how people are increasingly getting interested in KDE, Qt/QML, and mobile development. There was also the VII Forum GNOME and we are planning some joint panel for next year's ENSL.

We are quite glad to promote KDE at ENSL and excited about making things even better next year.




Plasmoid development short-course

Ok, cut ... Right after the Northeast Edition of 3rd Forum KDE Brazil we went to Foz do Iguaçu, for the VII Latin-American Conference on Free Software, the second biggest open source conference in Brazil. After getting a 3 hours delayed flight to Curitiba I reach the hotel today at 3a.m. With just some sleeping hours we were heading to PTI (Pólo Tecnológico de Itaipú) - value for the Latinoware 2010.

As usual we plan beforehand a set of talks and short-courses to be presented at Latinoware and again we put it under the KDE Forum Brazil umbrella, this time as the Latin-American Edition. I've heard that Ronny (KDE Peru) had some complications to get his flight to Brazil but hopefully he is coming tomorrow early morning and we'll try to re-schedule his "3D Development with Qt and KDE" talk.

In the last minute, we're notified about an available KDE booth at the meeting, not as fully decorated as the last year one but at least we are able to gather people together to show off the coolest KDE features. So, I'm here in the very first day of Latinoware, we already had the Tomaz talk about agile game development with Qt, the Adriano's one about rich interfaces for mobile and right now I'm going to Camila talk about contributing to KDE.

See you,


KDE booth at Latinoware 2010
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