Announcing QtCon Brazil 2018

Planet KDE Sep 25, 2018

We are happy to announce that the 2nd edition of the first Qt conference in America Latina (QtCon Brazil 2018) is gonna happen from 8th to 11th November, in São Paulo. The first edition of QtCon Brazil happened last year, also in São Paulo, and brought together 180 participants from universities, government institutions, and companies acting in the fields of IT services, simulation, medicine and biology, physics, embedded systems, mobile systems, and web services, just to mention a few. It was very revealing to see how much work has been built on top of Qt lately in Brazil. As a indirect result, the "Qt Brasil" telegram group — created during QtCon Brasil 2017 — has currently 320 participants, engaged in a number of daily discussions about all things related to Qt.

QtCon Brazil aims to be a forum where people interested in Qt can share their experiences, know a bit more about successful use-cases like KDE, and learn how Qt can leverage their business. And, of course, we want to take advantage of such an audience to spread the word about the Qt and KDE communities and the products we develop. Last year, we had Aleix Pol presenting a talk about Kirigami, Filipe talking about KDE Frameworks, and we had a booth showing off Plasma and our applications. Additionally, speakers from JetBrains, Toradex, and SUSE contributed to make QtCon Brazil a quite recommended conference in spite of being a totally recent endeavor.

As for the 2018's edition, we decided to expand it a bit by having two days of training sessions (in contrast to only one day in last year's edition) and keeping the weekend for talks from invited speakers, as well as those ones submited through the call for presentations. QtCon Brazil wouldn't be a real event without all the support The Qt Company has been providing us. This year, they'll a have a bigger presence and we're very honored in having the Senior Vice President, Strategy at The Qt Company — Dr. Tuukka Ahoniemi — as a keynote speaker. Tuukka will present a talk about the Qt roadmap and another one about Qt licensing. As for KDE matters, we're very honored and happy in having our Akademy-awarded Plasma master — Kai Uwe — also as a keynote speaker. We're very thankful to KDE e.V. for supporting the conference and helping us to make KDE technologies more visible to those interested in Qt-based solutions. Many thanks and kudos! I must admit, I'm excited, this's gonna be super-awesome! :)


QtCon Brazil 2017's training sessions got a incredible high demand and were totally sold out in two weeks. This year, the two initial days (8th and 9th November) will be dedicated to training sessions, which were expanded to 8-hours session, in contrast to last year's 4-hour sessions. We wanted to bring topics of wide interest of our audience while still keeping the sessions affordable like last year's ones. The training sessions will cover three different topics this year: "Developing Qt Applications with Embedded Linux", "Developing Android Applications with Qt", and "Computer Graphics with Qt3D". The first one will be presented by Sergio Prado and Cleiton Bueno, two of the most skilled professionals doing Qt and embedded development currently in Brazil. This trainning session will cover from generating a Qt-enabled Yocto distribution for embedded systems, to general Qt development using features like hardware access, serial ports, and so on. This session's attendees will have hands-on activities with development boards kindly provided by Toradex. The other training sessions will be presented by myself. The one about Android development will cover the basics of QML, QML-based APIs for handling sensors, multimedia, and location, as well as the basics of RESTful-based development of mobile applications. Finally, the one about Qt3D will cover how Computer Graphics concepts like geometries, rendering, lighting, materials, shading, textures, and animations are currently supported in Qt3D.

Last but not least, we'd like to thank our sponsors: The Qt Company, Toradex, openSUSE, and KDE. QtCon Brazil 2018 is a reality also because of our partners B2Open, CISS, Embarcados, and Embedded Labworks.

For further information, please refer to QtCon Brazil website or take a lot at last year's pictures.

See you in São Paulo \o/ :)

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