Akademy-BR 2010

Planet KDE Mar 17, 2010

Hello everyone,

The KDE Brasil community is happy to announce the first official Brazilian KDE meeting - Akademy-BR 2010.

As a consequence of an increasing Brazilian participation in KDE projects related to coding, artwork, translation, and promotion, some efforts have been doing last years in terms of travelling for Qt/KDE talks and courses, supporting new contributors, and leveraging the KDE presence in events like FISL and Latinoware. We've seen a number of regional KDE groups appearing in Piauí, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, and Minas Gerais, formed by amazing guys who are already doing some contribution to KDE. Previous in-person meetings in FISL and Latinoware, where focus was driven to talks, booths, and user group sessions, have demanded the organization of an official KDE Brazilian meeting devoted to some short talks and basically focused on hacking (that includes artwork/translation/promotion) sessions.

Akademy-BR 2010 will take place in Praia do Forte (Fort Beach), a pleasant and small touristic village near Salvador - Bahia, from 9th to 11th April. We are thirty participants from distinct Brazilian states staying for three days in the Praia do Forte Hostel and doing our best to make KDE contribution more accessible to newbies, to narrow friendships, to make KDE applications rocking, and to plan our expectations for KDE in Brazil during 2010.

I would like to anticipatedly thank KDE e.V. for the financial support, the other Live Blue guys for helping in the arrangements, and Mauricio Piacentini, Helio Chissini, Fernando Boaglio and INdT guys for making Akademy-BR a reality !

That mentioned, it's just left for me to say:


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