Announcing QtCon Brasil 2017

en May 19, 2017

Hi there,

It's been almost a year since I, Filipe and Aracele were having a beer at Alexander Platz after the very last day of QtCon Berlin, when Aracele astutely came up with a very crazy idea of organizing QtCon in Brazil. Since then, we have been maturing such an idea and after a lot of work we are very glad to announce: QtCon Brasil 2017 happens from 18th to 20th August in São Paulo.

QtCon Brazil 2017 is the first Qt community conference in Brazil and Latin America. Its goals are twofold: i) provide a common venue for existing Brazilian and Latin-American Qt developers, engineers, and managers share their experiences on creating Qt-powered technologies and ii) disseminate Qt adoption in Latin America, with the purpose of expanding its contributors base, encouraging business opportunities, and narrowing relationships between sectors like industry, universities, and government.

In this first edition of QtCon Brazil, the conference will focus on cross-platform development enabled by Qt. With that, the meeting can benefit a wider range of stakeholders, with interest in all sort of platforms, including desktop (Windows, Linux, and OS X), mobile (Android and iOS), embedded, and IoT. We are bringing together experienced Qt specialists from Brazil and overseas to delivery a state-of-art program of talks and training sessions that illustrate how Qt has been used as enabling technology for many sectors in industry.

QtCon Brazil 2017 will take place in São Paulo – the most important technical, social, and cultural hub in Brazil and the world’s tenth largest GDP. São Paulo is easily reachable from most of Brazilian airports, provides satisfactory infrastructure regarding the venue and accommodation, and is a strategic place to augment the achievements of this first edition of QtCon Brazil. The venue where the meeting will happen is Espaço Fit, a multifunctional conference center with an auditorium for 220 people and that provides all required infrastructure regarding multimedia equipments, Wi-Fi, and catering services. Espaço Fit is located in São Paulo downtown – at Avenida Paulista – it is easily reachable from airports, in a walking distance from metro stations, and nearby a large array of hotels.

QtCon Brasil 2017 is kindly sponsored by The Qt Company, Toradex, openSUSE and KDE. It has also the valuable support for logistics and outreach of Carreira RH and Embarcados. Thank you all for making QtCon Brasil possible.

You can find more information (in portuguese) at QtCon Brasil webpage. Also, be sure to follow us in QtCon Brasil Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages.

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