KDE-edu 2017 Sprint in Berlin

en Jan 10, 2018

From October 7th to 15th I went to Berlin for attending three KDE-related events in a row. While quite exhausting, it's a nice way to optimize your contributions, mostly when you need to travel between continents to enjoy all the awesomeness of the free software world. From 7th to 9th I attended the KDE-edu sprint, at Endocode AG offices in Berlin. From 10th to 12th, I joined the KDE team at Qt World Summit 2017 and on 13th and 14th we had the 2017 autumn sprint of the Board of Directors of KDE e.V. In this post, I'll focus on the work I did during the KDE-edu sprint.

KDE has been focusing, over the last years, in having its applications ready for use in as many platforms as possible. During the sprint, after making some improvements in KDE-edu website, I basically worked on having as many KDE-edu apps as possible running fine on Windows and creating recipes for allowing the automatic generation of Windows installers by using our CI infrastructure. Windows builds for KDE applications are created using Craft (previously, emerge) - a set of Python scripts that automate all sort of dependency management, build, packaging, and installers generation activities.

https://binary-factory.kde.org/ is the player of our CI infrastructure responsible for generating installers for Windows and MACOS. After fixing some old Craft recipes and creating new ones, the following KDE-edu applications now have installers automatically generated in binary-factory: blinken, kanagram, kbruch, kgeography, khangman, kig, klettres, kmplot, kturtle, kwordquiz, labplot, minuet, and parley.

It was a nice sprint, hopefully with some nice advances for KDE-edu in the upcoming months :) Thanks KDE e.V. for supporting this and Endocode for kindly hosting us.

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