Planet KDE Apr 1, 2010

Since my five years old son has found a pretty interesting, colorful, and funny toy called Gogo's Crazy Bones we can't go to the (cofee|book)store without buying some Gogo's packs from the newsman. In each pack you can find two Gogo dolls and four Gogo stickers. Each doll has different attributes for speed, bounce, and balance so that those features interfere on how powerful your Gogo army is when playing some gaming styles, already well-known in the Gogo community :)


Yesterday we bought some packs from the new football themed Gogo collection and for my surprise what we got inside ?


So, dear reader :)

  1. A mere coincidence ?
  2. Someone from KDE secretly working on Gogo design department ? :)
  3. Some promo team's new viral marketing campaign ? :)
    I don't know ! Everything I can say is that my son will miss a Gogo in next few days :)

See you,


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