Minuet at QtCon/Akademy 2016

en Oct 23, 2016

From 1st to 8th September, I was in Berlin attending both QtCon and Akademy. Akademy is already well-known as a quite intense and exciting meeting, where KDE contributors from all over the world get together to hack and discuss the upcoming awesome things we want to deliver. This year, as part of the 20th anniversary of KDE community, Akademy was one of the co-located meetings of QtCon. QtCon brought together some of the most important communities that have their work based on Qt: KDE, The Qt Company, KDAB, VideoLAN, and Free Software Foundation Europe.

The first day of QtCon was dedicated to technical training sessions about all sort of Qt-related technologies. That was also the day where KDE e.V. members met together for the annual KDE General Assembly. That's the place where we discuss a lot of important topics regarding KDE's future, present some reports about last year activities and have the elections for new members of the KDE e.V. Board of Directors. In the remaining three days, a lot of talks from many FOSS communities and companies presented the awesome things they have been accomplishing with Qt and FOSS in general.

One of the amazing QtCon keynotes: How Social Activists are Using Open Data. By Raul Krauthausen and Holger Dieterich.

At the second day, I presented a talk about Minuet. I started with a brief overview about Minuet's history and motivations and then talked a bit about the architectural changes from version 0.1 to 0.2. Such changes were mostly motivated by the work of Ayush Shah, an Indian student who developed Minuet Mobile (for Android platform) as his GSoC 2016 project. Then, I presented a short demonstration and we discuss the future plans for Minuet in desktop and mobile platforms. It was also great to meet some developers from [MuseScore](https://musescore.org/) and share some experiences about free software for music education and sheet music publishing.

Minuet talk at QtCon.

After QtCon, we had the usual days at Akademy where we run the BoFs regarding many technical and administrative aspects of the KDE community. And that includes the future of Plasma, Kirigami, the administrative and financial infrastructure of KDE e.V., use of containers and packaging technologies, and so on. As for Minuet, Cedric Bonhomme - from France - started doing some contributions for changing the pitch and tempo when playing Minuet exercises with the Fluidsynth backend. This is already merged and will be available in next release :).

And that's all, folks! See you at next Akademy!

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