Presets in KDE Observatory

Planet KDE Nov 24, 2009

Hi planet,

Now KDE Observatory cames with presets for virtually all KDE projects. Plasma, KDE Libs, and KDE PIM Libs are included by default in all views. Presets can be added for participation in "Top Active Projects", "Top Developers", "Commit History", and "Krazy Report" views, and new user-provided projects can also be included.

Let's check the "Top Active KDE Projects" for all presets regarding commits occurred in last 7 days:


Presets can be edited and new projects can be included in the Projects configuration page:


If you want to include your own project just add a new entry in Projects configuration page. By default all new created projects are automatically added in the provided views (currently: top active projects, top developers, commit history, and krazy report).

Views can be independently configured for inclusion/removal of preset or user-added projects:


If you are a maintainer of an official KDE project and would like to have it included as a preset in KDE Observatory please first check if it's already included here. If your project doesn't appear in that file please contact me. I'll be glad to make this for you.

What about some additional views in the future ? Bugs, dashboard, more recent commits ... :)

If you wanna try this stuff, please head to trunk/KDE/kdeplasma-addons/applets/kdeobservatory.

See you,

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