QtMof/QtUml: XMI serialization and metamodel plugins

Planet Qt Jan 21, 2013

Hi there,

A lot has happening since my last post about QtMof/QtUml - a Qt5 add-on module devoted to (meta-)modeling and model-driven support in Qt. Auto-generation of meta-models has been further improved, making of use Qt5's new features for metatypes, XMI serialization is already in place even though not all specified configuration parameters are currently supported by now. In addition, QtUmlEditor example has been a full testbed for QtMof/QtUml and can probably be useful as a working application afterwards.

Meta-models (like MOF and UML) are now implemented as Qt plugins. That enables editor (and XMI serializer) to be fully independent from modeling language and also sets the stage to deal with user-defined meta-models. We are currently implementing the OCL (Object Constraint Language) parser which will allow users to define and execute 'sanity checks' and conformance rules on models. That will also enhance auto-generation of meta-models since a lot of operations and derived properties can indeed by specified in OCL (as already happen in Uml meta-model).

How to try it !

Contribute !

As usual, any help with testing, developing, and reviewing is quite welcome :) Maybe we can expect some model-driven features in QtCreator and KDevelop in a near future ? :)

See you ...

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